Intermountain Bill Pay (2024)

We want to make your experience at Intermountain Healthcare the best it can be—even after you've gone home. Our new Intermountain Bill Pay website simplifies the billing process with convenient online tools to manage your bills, putting you in control of when and how you pay.

  • Know What You Owe
    • When you enroll in Intermountain Bill Pay, you won't receive a bill until after your insurance has been settled. Bills are delivered electronically and displayed on a simple-to-understand screen that lets you easily see all charges and payments.
  • Everything In One Place
    • Invoices are consolidated in one place, and updated over time as you make payments or have new visits. You'll also have an electronic record of your billing and payment history.
  • Choose When And How To Pay
    • Intermountain Bill Pay gives you several payment options, such as making a one-time payment, accessing affordable, and longer-term financing. If you need more time, you can set up your own monthly payment plan, using our convenient financing tool.

      Upon registering, you'll receive automatic email reminders about upcoming due dates.

  • Question A Bill
    • See something on your bill that doesn't seem quite right? We want to know.

      Now, contacting us to question a bill is simple and convenient, thanks to our secure communications center. It's as easy as sending an email - but a lot more secure. And you can do it whenever it works for you.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
      • Which web browsers can I use to access my Intermountain Bill Pay account?
      • Why should I enroll for a Intermountain Bill Pay account?
        • Intermountain Bill Pay is an online personal finance system for your Intermountain Healthcare bills. With Intermountain Bill Pay, you can view all of your visits in one place online, and choose a monthly payment amount that fits your budget. With Intermountain Bill Pay, you will receive only one electronic statement each month and you will need to make only one payment each month for your entire family.
      • Do I need a login?
        • Yes, a login is required to access your Intermountain Bill Pay account. To log in, you must first enroll for a Intermountain Bill Pay account.
      • What information do I need to enroll?
        • Registering for a Intermountain Bill Pay account is secure, quick and easy. You will need to provide us with information from a recent Intermountain Healthcare statement as well as some basic demographic information, the last four of your social security number, your date of birth, and a valid email address.
      • When will I see visits reflected in my Intermountain Bill Pay account?
        • You should know that not all of your visit balances will be eligible for payment using your Intermountain Bill Pay account. In those cases, Intermountain Healthcare will send you paper statements, which you must manage separately.
      • Is my personal and financial information kept safe?
        • Protecting the security of your personal and financial information is our top priority. Your online payment instructions are sent over a secure Internet connection using TLSv1.2 encryption technology. Your electronic payments are sent through our online payment processors, with a guarantee of protection against unauthorized transactions. We do not share your information with anyone else.
      • Will I continue to receive paper statements after registering for Intermountain Bill Pay?
        • Intermountain Bill Pay is a purely digital relationship. You will not receive paper statements for your online eligible visits once you have signed up for your Intermountain Bill Pay account. You can print a PDF copy of your current or historical electronic statements at any time.
      • I have a Intermountain Bill Pay account. Why did I receive a paper bill in the mail?
        • You may receive separate bills for facilities or practitioners who are not eligible for processing by Intermountain Bill Pay. In those cases, Intermountain Healthcare will send you paper statements, which you must manage separately.
      • When do I receive my electronic statement in Intermountain Bill Pay?
        • You will receive your eStatement 21 days before your selected payment due date. Your eStatement reflects any charges accrued during the previous statement period. It may take up to three days for any new charges to post to your account; thus those charges that load into our system after the statement period end date reflected on your eStatement will be included in the next statement period.
      • How do I pay my bill?
        • There is no action required until you receive your first Intermountain Bill Pay eStatement, though you are welcome to make a payment at any time. When you receive your first eStatement, several payment options are available: you may pay your balance-in-full, pay a specific amount, pay for a specific visit, or arrange a payment plan.
      • Can I still make a one-time electronic payment without logging into my Intermountain Bill Pay account?
        • Yes, though we recommend making payments through your Intermountain Bill Pay account to avoid having to enter additional data. To make a one-time, online payment at you will need the following information:

          • Statement from which you wish to make a payment
          • Responsible Party Account ID of the bill you want to pay electronically (located on your statement)
          • Payment account information (bank account or credit card you will use to pay your bill)

      • What if I am unable to pay my balance in full?
        • Intermountain Bill Pay offers several payment options, such as scheduling payments in full or setting up an affordable, longer-term payment plan. You may also make partial payments on visits in your Intermountain Bill Pay account; however, partial payments or missed payments may mean some visits in your account become part of the collection process. For details, please read the Terms of Use.
      • What type of payments do you accept?
        • We accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, or American Express logo. We also accept electronic check payments (ACH). Please note that some transaction activity may take several days to post to your financial institution.
      • How do I consolidate my family's accounts?
        • Consolidation of households is available to all Intermountain Bill Pay users. Consolidation allows you to actively manage the account of another user or request for your account to be managed by another user. If you choose to consolidate accounts, managing users will have access to managed user personal information and be responsible for paying the managed user's visits or arranging payment plans on his or her behalf. Managed users will no longer have access to arranging payment plans though payments can be made at any time. Either party can cancel a consolidation at any time.
      • How do I receive payment confirmation?
        • Confirmation of each payment transaction will be sent to your notification email address on file.

      If you have any questions, please call Intermountain Bill Pay at (801) 906-2800 or (866) 415-6556.

Intermountain Bill Pay (2024)
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