Lipstickalley down? Current status and issues (2024)

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Lipstickalley down? Current status and issues (1)

Recent Outage Reports for Lipstickalley

If Lipstickalley is down for you, the user outage reports section below will help you see if other people currently have issues with the website too.

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If Lipstickalley is down or you are currently experiencing problems with Lipstickalley, please let others know by selecting an issue below and leaving a comment.

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Lipstickalley Outage History

Lipstickalley down for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s most likely the website is either being blocked by your ISP, or your browser settings are preventing the website from loading properly. You can find solutions to both of these issues by following our tutorial.

  • Every time your browser connects to a webpage it’s sent back data from the webpage known as headers. The purpose of the headers is to give the browser important information about the state of the webpage. The https status codes as they are sometimes called are handed to the browser as part of this information. And tell the browser what’s going to happen next.

    For instance, if the webpage sends a http status code of 200 back to the browser it means “OK everything worked, I will now display the contents you requested”. But if it sends back a http status code of 404 it means “NOT FOUND, the requested webpage was not found, so I can’t display the contents you requested”.

    Status codes can be separated into five separate categories based on their first number:

    • 2XX - Success
      The webpage is up and reachable and the contents shall be displayed.

    • 3XX – Redirect
      The webpage is up and reachable, but is going to redirect you to another URL.

    • 4XX – Browser Error
      The browser has requested information which does not exist on the server.

    • 5XX – Server Error
      The server has a temporary or permanent error and is unable to handle the request.

  • Given to you by your ISP, IP addresses consist of four sets of numeric values or octets ranging from 0 – 255, with each octet separated by a single dot.

    From home computers to large organizations, any device with an Internet connection needs a public IP address. IP addresses are used as a way for devices to send data to each other. And because they’re globally unique, ensure the data reaches it’s intended target and doesn’t go to the wrong place.

    Websites have IP addresses too, but they’re usually hidden behind the sites domain name. When you visit a website such as, for example, the websites name gets converted to its associated IP address by DNS servers. The DNS servers then use the IP address to find the website and load the content in your browser window.

    Sometimes it’s possible to visit a website using the IP address instead of the domain name. But usually, the website blocks this kind of direct access because it’s not encrypted (using https), and poses a security risk.

  • There are numerous reasons why a website might automatically redirect you to a different location. The most obvious reason is the website has a new domain name, and needs to redirect visitors to it. Another possibility is the website has unusually high levels of traffic and needs to move some visitors to a server with more resources. The website could also be down for maintenance and needs to redirect its visitors to a webpage with information about when the site will be back.

    Some larger websites redirect their visitors in order to deliver location-based content. For instance, if someone in Germany visits the Italian version of a website with content and products aimed at Italian visitors the website will automatically redirect them to the German version.

  • VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, which is a popular technology used to transfer data over the internet in a secure and encrypted way.

    Originally, it was mostly just businesses using VPN’s as a way to encrypt sensitive information and move it to other servers or send to colleagues. Nowadays, though, people use VPN’s for all kinds of reasons.

    Some of the most common uses for a VPN include:

    • Accessing blocked websites
    • Watching Netflix shows not available in your country
    • Anonymously use P2P and torrenting with no throttling
    • Downloading files at high speed with unlimited bandwidth
    • Using public Wi-Fi hotspots free from hacking and spying
    • Making online purchases while keeping personal data safe
    • Surfing the web with complete privacy and anonymity

    You can read more about VPN’s and see which ones we recommend by clicking this link.

About This Page

How frustrating is it when you try to visit a website that you visit every day, but for some reason today it’s not working? The website has no message up letting you know what the problem is. And you are left wondering is it down for me or down for everyone?

Well, that’s where Downinspector comes in. We perform multiple tests on the website using a real browser and combine this with people power to work out exactly what the problem is. If no problem is found we also have great guides you can follow to help you diagnose and fix your issues.

Lipstickalley down? Current status and issues (2024)
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