Super Bowl prop bets 2024: Taylor Swift, Usher's halftime show & more headline best, most popular options | Sporting News (2024)

Of the countless Super Bowl Sunday bets you can make, some of the most popular wagers of them all are the fun "exotic" or "novelty" prop bets. Super Bowl props could generate more action than ever for Super Bowl 58 between the Chiefs and 49ers, thanks to countless storylines including world-famous NFL girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Whether you're entering a Super Bowl prop contest for work or your watch party or you want to infuse a game-day parlay with some pop culture, it's never too early to get a feel for the exotic props that will be featured for the Big Game.

Are you ready for some props!? Let's take a look at the Super Bowl 58 props we're seeing on BetMGM early on, as well as the ones we'll be looking for as the Big Game draws closer.

Super Bowl 2024 prop bets: Best and most popular fun betting pool options forChiefs-49ers

National Anthem length betting odds

Annually one of the crowd favorites of the Super Bowl exotic prop offerings, the duration of the Star-Spangled Banner performance at the start of the game always has bettors pulling out their stopwatch apps. However, there is always so much more than just "National Anthem length" to bet during our nation's No. 1 song, which this year will be sung by country star Reba McEntire.

We will also most likely have the ability to bet on who will be shown first during the performance (player/coach/fans), whether a word will be forgotten or omitted during the performance, and possibly even what the performer will be wearing during the performance.

Chris Stapleton's "Star-Spangled Banner"last year generated these "duration" odds:

  • Over 126.5 seconds -130
  • Under 126.5 seconds -110

Stapleton finished just over the two-minute line, the first UNDER since Demi Lovato in Super Bowl 54.At first glance, 2:06 seems like a ton of time. Only six artists dating back to Beyonce in Super Bowl 38 have eclipsed the 2:06 mark, but McEntire doesn't seem like an artist who would rush things. If the odds sit around two minutes, we might have to go with the OVER here.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl betting odds

You already know T-Swift will be a big part of the Super Bowl prop experience this season. Travis Kelce's No. 1 boo thang just happens to be the most famous celebrity on the face of the planet, and the NFL's newest superfan has brought in a humongous amount of new fans in the female and young demographics this season.

We don't quite know what the T-Swizzle props will be, but we would guess they will be related to what she's wearing, her accessories, the number of times she's shown on the broadcast, and maybe even whether Kelce will propose to her at the end of the game. That might break the Internet, but we're here for it! We'll bet the OVER on everything and just root for love.

Super Bowl coin flip betting odds

This bet is pretty basic, and yet still pretty popular. It's asking you to pick between red and black on a roulette table, a literal coin flip.

Typically, the odds look like this:

  • Heads -105
  • Tails -105

Four of the past six Super Bowl coin tosses have landed 'heads,' but the Chiefs correctly picked 'tails' last year so maybe they started a new trend. In the 20-teens, 'Tails' had a strong four-year run after 'Heads' enjoyed a five-year winning streak of its own.

Will 'Heads' bounce back and return to glory, moving to 10-6 since Super Bowl 43 in 2009? Or will 'Tails' run it back like the Chiefs are trying to do with back-to-back Super Sunday wins?

Your financial advisor might tell you that betting on a literal coin flip is not the sagest decision, but money management is a Monday conversation. We're here to have fun and we know that "tails never fails!" (even when it does).

Usher's halftime show betting odds

Usher will be a very popular source of prop bets when he takes the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show. Halftime entertainment props that always seem to permeate the sportsbooks for the Big Game include:

  • First song performed
  • Total songs performed
  • Color of performer's shirt
  • Whether performer will wear a hat
  • Last song played

Usher has amassed a massive discography and a ton of top hits throughout his decades-long career, so betting on this one will take some careful research once the odds are revealed. Our early leanings are that he will start with something peppy like "Yeah!" or "You Make Me Wanna."

Gatorade pour Super Bowl betting odds

Everyone loves the Gatorade pour as a customary celebration by the Super Bowl victors. Last year, the Chiefs took everyone by surprise by going with purple Gatorade, which had the sixth-longest odds on the color list.

Here's how the odds looked last year, and how they typically shape out for the color of liquid poured on the winning coach:

  • Orange +250
  • Yellow/Green +350
  • Clear/Water +500
  • Blue +500
  • Red/Pink +550
  • Purple +900
  • No Gatorade Poured +1600

Since 2001, the color of "liquid" poured on the winning coach has been: Orange (5), None (5), Blue (4), Clear (4), Yellow (3) and Purple (2).

Blue Gatorade has been poured in two of the past three years and three of the past five. Still, oddsmakers want to limit their liability with orange, the color of the liquid poured over Andy Reid in 2020 when Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs last won it all.

We're keeping an eye on the early odds for red, as the Chiefs and 49ers both have red in their logos/uniforms. But if you think the game will come down to the wire — or maybe think that Reid will instruct his players not to shower him this time around now that he's 65 — maybe the play is 'no Gatorade poured.' Three of the past four 'no Gatorade poured' Super Bowls came after Patriots victories. Good old curmudgeonly Belichick!

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in this article:

Super Bowl Props

Super Bowl props, short for proposition bets, are a popular type of wager during the Super Bowl. These bets go beyond the traditional outcome of the game and allow bettors to wager on various aspects of the event. Super Bowl props often include fun and exotic bets related to pop culture, halftime performances, national anthem length, coin flips, and more. These bets add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the Super Bowl experience.

National Anthem Length Betting

One of the popular Super Bowl prop bets is the duration of the national anthem performance at the start of the game. Bettors can wager on whether the performance will be over or under a specific time limit. In addition to the length of the national anthem, other related prop bets may include who will be shown first during the performance, whether a word will be forgotten or omitted, and what the performer will be wearing.

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Betting Odds

Taylor Swift, a world-famous celebrity, is expected to be a significant part of the Super Bowl prop experience. While the specific prop bets related to Taylor Swift are not mentioned in the article, they could potentially involve what she's wearing, her accessories, the number of times she's shown on the broadcast, and even the possibility of Travis Kelce proposing to her at the end of the game.

Super Bowl Coin Flip Betting Odds

The Super Bowl coin flip is a simple yet popular prop bet. Bettors are asked to predict whether the coin will land on heads or tails. The odds for this bet are typically close to even, with both options having similar probabilities. The outcome of the coin flip has no impact on the actual game, but it adds an element of anticipation and excitement for bettors.

Halftime Show Betting Odds

The halftime show during the Super Bowl is another opportunity for prop bets. Bettors can wager on various aspects of the performance, such as the first song performed, the total number of songs performed, the color of the performer's shirt, whether the performer will wear a hat, and the last song played. Usher, a popular artist, is mentioned as the performer for Super Bowl 58, and his extensive discography provides a wide range of possibilities for prop bets.

Gatorade Pour Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Gatorade pour is a customary celebration by the Super Bowl-winning team. Bettors can wager on the color of the liquid poured on the winning coach. The odds for each color option vary, with some colors being more likely than others based on past Super Bowl events. The article mentions that the Chiefs surprised everyone by using purple Gatorade last year, which had relatively long odds. The color of the Gatorade poured can vary from year to year, and bettors can analyze past trends and team colors to make their predictions.

Please note that the specific odds and prop bets mentioned in the article are based on the information provided and may change as the Super Bowl approaches. It's always a good idea to check with reputable sportsbooks for the most up-to-date odds and prop bet options.

Super Bowl prop bets 2024: Taylor Swift, Usher's halftime show & more headline best, most popular options | Sporting News (2024)
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