Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (2024)

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (1)Otto T.
2024-06-16 07:12:33 GMT

Very nice walmart with jewelry repair, money services, and cell phone repair store

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (2)Taylehr Berryhill
2024-05-02 10:06:44 GMT

Where do I start?! I remember being helped by Rose and her showing me which nails she liked and also a girl that shared a love for Disney and had a Raja tattoo.great staff always attentive. Clean and friendly people. Also want to add a shout-out to Brenda she always helps me and I love running into her and saving time and money cause everything I need is in one place!

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (3)Kallie Motola
2024-04-23 22:06:33 GMT

Stopped in to get some local beer and firewood. Got what we needed. check out was fast. Clean bathrooms. plenty of parking.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (4)Mark Stone
2024-05-06 21:25:53 GMT

The Walmart Supercenter in Yucca Valley, California was excellent, the outside of the building was completely different than any other Walmart nice bricks. Inside no self checkout all human being's it was spectacular, wish all of them looked like this, great having people working...oh and the people were the most friendly ever in a Walmart.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (5)Hepzibah
2023-07-13 18:29:33 GMT

Best Walmart!!! First it's clean and organized, and employees help you without bad attitudes, now for the bare bones we needed tires so we called several different Walmarts in our area several times a day for several days no one ever answered the phones we even resorted to calling different departments to see if we could get help that way but to no avail no one answered the phone, finally we called Yucca Valley Walmart Automotive dept and Tracy the manager answered the phone unbelievable right, not only once but twice when we called again to confirm the tires were in stock, we drove the extra miles to Yucca Valley it was so worth it Michael one of the service technicians helped us right away with a Great attitude and we noticed as customers were leaving they thanked Michael for his help, we were impressed, needless to say we left with a job well done, the wait time was reasonable, good tires, and change left over in our pockets, this store and employees need to be rewarded Tracy and Michael for sure they represented the company well.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (6)Irma Ortiz
2024-01-23 20:31:36 GMT

I like going for pickup instead of going in. The staff is friendly and quick with the pickup orders. The only time I don't mind going into the store is early in the morning, even on weekends. Less crowded, but much better than the ones down in San Bernardino/ Rialto area.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (7)Andrea Sanchez
2024-02-01 01:20:28 GMT

5/5 experience! Everyone was friendly when I would ask for help and when I went to buy my cart full of things the cashier was working on 100% with a smile on face too, just an overall great experience! Super happy!

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (8)Lisa Coronado
2023-12-12 20:37:18 GMT

This location is probably one of the last Walmarts who actually care about customer service. They are always super friendly and quick to help with anything you need. I was shocked to discover that they use cashiers to check you out and immediately open a new lane to assist waiting guests; there is still an option to check yourself out as well. I have used their customer service center quite and bit, and I can not stress enough how nice the associates running that department are. I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent service, considering so many other locations are extremely lacking.
Thank you for making your customers feel seen and cared about!

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (9)B B
2024-02-09 08:44:40 GMT

One of the nicer Walmarts I've been to. Never had any issues here. Usually in stock with what you need. Better selection of camping and hiking supplies than other Wal-marts

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (10)Mike Menros
2024-03-10 16:29:04 GMT

Went to Walmart on Friday for a oil change and I'm glad Erick(automotive department) was there made the process very smoothly was very informative and great customer service will go here for my next oil change.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (11)Ricardo Cruz
2024-06-11 12:54:46 GMT

Super clean and they had everything you can think of

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (12)Brittany Coovert
2024-04-11 01:35:16 GMT

Employees were all super nice, store was clean and well organized

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (13)Matthew Anderson
2024-06-11 02:57:07 GMT

Love this Walmart! Has everything you can think of!

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (14)tommy holme
2024-01-09 16:07:40 GMT

nice people I go here to this to this Walmart once or twice a month,good deals ,,ofcorse,it's Walmart!!.it's a one stop shopping area ,,home Depot next door panda express,taco bell alot more in the area,also a burger king in wal mart.tommy g<> So,Cal

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (15)Once Upon atim3
2018-04-23 03:58:49 GMT

When they say supercenter they mean supercenter. Watch for kids as the parking lot is going to be very full for the majority of the day unless you go after 9pm. Once you get past the parking lot you will understand the gravity of supercenter. I had come for an ethernet cable. An odd but nesscary object. After seeing you can cash a check, send and receive money on the left of the entrance and get a hamburger from the in store McDonald's I was intrigued to see , fresh fruit, and all the grocery items at a reasonable price. Milk and creamer are reasonable price most of the food items are competitively priced. Suprisenly they even have a gluten free section which is very accommodating to those with diet restrictions. Plus they have a fishing department even though its located in a desert. They have a great electronic department. I was not able to get my cord because they had to restock it but they sold phones even the latest one plus covers and screen protectors. They had a friendly eye care center. It is a super center it just can get crowded and when you come to the end the cashier l in bed can get a little congested.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (16)elisha dickens
2023-10-08 00:34:29 GMT

Mia and Paul were great in helping my boyfriend fix his glasses. They were polite and professional and overall friendly good people. Thank you so much Mia and Paul we will come again in the future!

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (17)Warren Radtke
2024-06-04 18:45:22 GMT

All your needs In one place great associates for help

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (18)Christopher Harper
2024-02-21 11:53:31 GMT

Great items for good prices and excellent customer service.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (19)Sarah C
2021-05-21 21:01:31 GMT

I super love Walmart...okay so I know some people don't like conglomerate corporations like Walmart..however it was right across the street from my previous home and ussuly has everything I now during COVID-19 you can see if your Walmart participates in the ability to buy groceries online with an ebt card if you on food stamps and even offer a free 15 day trail on free delivery to your door. Super awesome. And the monthly service fee for 30 days of unlimited deliveries is only 13 bucks a month or a one time fee of 10...seems like is totally worth 13$ for all month long and you can cancel anytime you want. Some Walmarts offer free services to elderly and physically disabled persons.

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (20)Katelyn Vanbuskirk
2023-06-15 20:02:41 GMT

Has everything I need and then some. Employees are always very nice and helpful, although sometimes it does take them a minute to arrive to help me. But that's just because they give their time and helpful attention to each customer and it's only fair that I wait my turn...Right?

Walmart Supercenter, Yucca Valley Reviews (2024)
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